Young wilderness


The Young Wilderness ...

  • … is the TdJW‘s theatre education branch. It is a test area for all the courageous, were creative thoughts can grow and special encounters are made possible.
  • … is able to do more than you think. It opens a place for cultural education at the intersection of theatre pedagogy, participation and performance.
  • … organizes theatre projects and festivals and is responsible for the theatre communication – Theatre for everybody.
  • … creates the opportunity to see behind the curtain.
  • … wants to explore, to inspire, to connect, to question and to play.

Wellcome into the WILD

Auf dem Bild spielen eine Theaterpädagogin und ein Theaterpädagoge vor einer Gruppe von Lehrkräften. Sie streut Konfetti in die Menge. Er hält einen Rahmen mit der Aufschrift „Schule mit Glück“ hoch. Im Hintergrund ist eine Powerpoint-Präsentation zu sehen.


You are full of energy? You want to stand in front of an audience and act? Become part of our theatre clubs! We meet once a week to engage us in the strange and beautiful world of acting to prepare for the summer festival. There we present what we have created. Our clubs start in September/October. To join us is free. Sadly, every Club is full at the moment.

Contact for club activity: Caroline Mährlein

Our festivals create a save place for school groups from Leipzig to present themselves on stage. Curious audience members are invited to come by and visit the performances created specifically for this purpose.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram . In case you can't get enough from us: The monthly Newsletter is waiting for you.

Our Team

That is us. Don't be frightend to ask a thing.

Caroline Mährlein
E-Mail | Tel 0341.486 60 22

Katrin Maiwald
E-Mail | Tel 0341.486 60 32

Veronique Nivelle
E-Mail | Tel 0341.486 60 38

Catharina Guth
E-Mail | Tel 0341.486 60 75

Ita Weinrich (FSJ Kultur)
E-Mail | Tel 0341.486 60 71