We are one of the most renowned german-speaking children's and youth theater.

– since 1946 –

Germany’s oldest professional theatre for young audiences – known for its cross-divisional programme for all ages – is a place of diversity and THE municipal theatre for children, young adults and families in Leipzig. It’s the city‘s cultural institution with the highest frequency in playing. It is also an open community centre including educational theatre and participative events. The Theatre of the Young World is an important motor for cultural education at all, also beyond Leipzig’s boundaries. Interdisciplinary and intercultural exchanges are of equal importance as the close cooperations with municipal and supra-regional institutions, associations and schools.

The Theatre of the Young World is one of the most prestigious theatres for young audiences in Germany. It considers its work to be both an experimental platform and a practical place of discourse for the implementation of a qualitative and innovative theatre.
Throughout its activities within the European and global theatre networks, the whole ensemble is in a constant exchange with other artists and theatres. That way, the Theatre of the Young World manages to gain continuous international presence and recognition.

For its excellent work, the Theatre of the Young world received multiple awards, such as the »Theaterpreis des Bundes« (Theatre Prize of the Federal Replublic of Germany) in 2015 and the »Preis des Sächsischen Theatertreffens« (Theatre Prize of the federal state Saxony) for the production »Crystal – Variationen über Rausch« (»Crystal – variations about ecstasy«) in 2016.
By the renowned magazine »Die Deutsche Bühne« the Theatre of the Young World was ranked first in the category »best overall performance« in the season 2016/17.