We want the Theater der Jungen Welt (TDJW) to become a special cultural venue. We promote inclusion, cultural access and diversity. To us inclusion and diversity means that we value all people. It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, whether you have a disability or which people you love.

We try to break down barriers:

  • in the auditorium
  • on the stage and
  • backstage

Here you will find our current offers of inclusion, participation and diversity. We also tell you where barriers are still to be found. We want to change this step by step. We have a lot planned. Some of it is still in progress. At these points, we have noted: "More information will follow shortly."

Do you think we can do something better or do you have a question? Please contact Christina Klein und Annika Jakobs. They work at the Bureau for Embracement at the TDJW.

E-Mail barrierefrei(at)tdjw.de
Telephone 0341 486 60-57 oder -58