[Translate to English:] Die Schrift über dem Haupteingang des TDJWs in Nahaufnahme. Dort steht „Theater“, darunter die Köpfe von drei BOs. Darunter der Schriftzug „Theater der Jungen Welt“.

The TDJW is actively committed to equal opportunities and diversity. It is important to us to develop our theatre into a more inclusive and diverse cultural institution. We therefore welcome applications from people regardless of cultural and social background, age, religion, ideology, disability or sexual orientation and gender identity. In order to compensate for disadvantages and as a positive measure, any experience of discrimination will be given special consideration in the selection process.

If required, you are welcome to enclose an Access Rider with your application to inform us of your entry requirements. You are not obliged to provide any medical diagnoses or justify your requirements at any point.You can find more information about the Access Rider here: https://diversity-arts-culture.berlin/magazin/access-rider.

Information on the accessibility of our venues from the foyer can be found under Venues & Arrival.

Our rehearsal stage on floor one and our rehearsal stages in the Spinnerei (Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig) are accessible by lift.

Our offices at the Lindenauer Markt are currently only accessible via stairs. We are aware of this problem and are working on a long-term, permanent solution. For people who need a lift, we are looking for individual solutions if/when possible. Structural accessibility is not a criterion for us when selecting our staff. We would like to expressly encourage people who are affected by this to apply for a job with us.

Do you have any questions about the accessibility of the rooms or the workplace? Feel free to ask.

Praktika & Hospitanzen

[Translate to English:] Das Gebäude des TDJWs von der Straßenecke Lindenauer Markt / Demmeringstraße. Es hat eine helle Farbe, ein rotes Dach und liegt an einer Straßenkurve. Abgebildet sind die Holztür zum Bühneneingang sowie die Glastür zum Ticketladen rechts daneben.

Have you ever wondered how a stage set is created? Have you always wanted to watch a theatre rehearsal? Do you know the job of a dramaturge? Do you want to know how to control the lighting on stage? Do you like socialising with people? Perhaps you would like to help us with the service for visitors?

Internships and work shadowing are often the first step into professional theatre work. We regularly offer internships lasting several months for students at the Young Wilderness. We also regularly look for interns who accompany a complete production from the first rehearsal to the premiere (usually six to eight weeks). Both forms are remunerated with an expense allowance. Occasionally, school internships are also possible with us.

Please contact kontakt(at)tdjw.de with an application and details of the desired type, department, duration and period of the internship.

The theatre is a possible place of work for all people who are interested in art. We want to enable everyone to do an internship in our theatre. But for many people with disabilities, with migration and refugee experiences or with certain educational backgrounds, access to regular internships and work shadowing is difficult. That's why it's also difficult for some people to even get a idea of the theatre as a place to work. Because a regular internship takes a lot of time. It is often not well paid. And it's often very strenuous.

But we want to be a place of work for everyone! That's why, in addition to regular internships, we also try to organise very individual offers. For example, we have been offering regular internships for people with disabilities in cooperation with Diakonie Leipzig e.V. since 2019.

Would you like to do an internship with us, but don't know how to go about it? Please contact us. We'll find out together where you can do an internship for a day or several weeks.

E-Mail barrierefrei(at)tdjw.de
Telephone 0341 486 60-57 oder -58