We are looking for inclusive guest performances!

TURBO – Inclusive dance and theatre festival for young audiences
30 January to 02 February 2025

The TURBO Festival is an inclusive dance and theatre festival for young audiences.
It takes place at the Theater der Jungen Welt (abbreviation: TDJW) in Leipzig.
It lasts four days.
It runs from 30 January to 2 February 2025.

We want to show how diverse inclusive theatre work looks like.
We will be hosting plays from Germany, Saxony and Leipzig.
We want to invite three guest plays.
You can apply.

You can download the application form as a fillable PDF here (in German): click here

Do you have questions about the application?
Do you need help filling out the form?
Do you have any comments or want to talk to us?

Get in touch:

Project management TURBO-Festival 2025
Christina Klein and Annika Jakobs
0341 486 60-58

We want to invite three guest performances to the festival.
Guest performance means: We invite a dance or theatre play.
The play will be performed here.
Many people can attend it at the festival.
We pay all invited artists for it.
The play must already be finished.
It must premiere before 15 April 2024.

For us, dance and theatre play means:
All fields of the performing arts.
It can be a play on a stage.
It can be a participatory format.
It can be an experiment in the city.

Everything is welcome!

All of the plays are meant to be inclusive.
This means, for example, that artists with disabilities work on the play.
Maybe they are on stage.
Or they take on other tasks.

Inclusive also means that the plays are accessible to people with disabilities.
People with disabilities can attend the play.
The play works for many people.
The play has a new form.
It already includes accessibility.

The plays are intended for a young audience.
This means that the plays work well for children and young people.
They focus on children and young people.

Artists and groups can apply.
They must have a finished dance or theatre piece.
The play must be inclusive.
It must be for a young audience.

We don't pay attention to: Do the artists have a degree?
Have they already done many plays?
Are they full-time artists?
Are they well-known?
We don't care about that.

We also think:
Disability is a self-designation.
It means that this does not have to be proven.
Anyone can say for themselves: I am disabled.
They can decide this independent.

Some people use other words for themselves.
For example, they say: I am neurodivergent.
I am deaf.
I am chronically ill.
Or: I am simply a human being.
Some people might say: My work is art.
It's not necessarily inclusive.

We think: Every person can decide for themselves:
Do I want to apply to this festival?
Do I feel comfortable with these terms?

The festival takes place at the TDJW.
There are three stages: Large Hall, Small Hall, Floor One.
There is also technical information.
You can find it under the following link.
All stages have different levels of accessibility.

Do you have questions about the stages?
Or about other rooms or the theatre's surroundings?
Then get in touch with us.

We pay for the guest performances.
This is how much we can pay:

Fee costs:

  • maximum €5,000.00 per performance
  • Travel and accommodation costs as well as transport costs:
    maximum € 2,500.00 per production
  • Accessibility of the artists (e.g. assistants, transport services, interpreting):
    after consultation with the TURBO project management

We plan to show each guest performance twice at the festival.
You should have enough time for that.

All plays should be accessible to many people ass possible.
That's why we consider:
Is the guest play accessible for everyone?
What else is needed?

Maybe we realise:
The play needs an audio description.
Or a translation into German sign language.
We then take care of that.
We'll pay for that too.

But we need your help.
Please plan enough time.
To discuss things.
Or to rehearse.
Please think about it: Is that possible for us?

Please read this information carefully.
Please decide: Is this possible for us?
If so, you can apply!

Please complete the application form.
Send it by email by 15 April 2024 to: barrierefrei@tdjw.de
Write in the subject line: "Application TURBO 2025".
Write the name of your group or production in the file name.
Please do NOT send us any submissions by post!

We need a video of your play.
So we can watch it beforehand.
Then we can invite you.

You can download the application form as a fillable PDF (in German) here: click here

The TDJW examines the applications.
We check:

  • Is the application form completely filled out?
  • Can we technically perform the piece at the TDJW?
  • Does the play have enough time at the festival?
  • Can we pay the costs for the piece?

Then we will pass on the applications.
We give them to a jury.
This Jury consists of different people.
They are experts in inclusive theatre work.
They are familiar with different things.
They decide independently of the TDJW.
They check, for example:

  • Have the artists worked inclusively?
  • Is the play accessible to many people?
  • Is the form exciting or even new?
  • Does the play provide interesting impulses?

The jury decides on three guest plays.
We then invite these plays.
You will receive the written invitation by 30 June 2024.
Then we cancel all others.