We want to continuously expand our range of accessible performances. We are also expanding the programme for school classes and daycare groups.

To do this best, we need your feedback: What would you like to see? Do you need a specific offer that we don't yet have in order to be able to attend a performance? Would you like to attend a particular production for which there is currently no audio description or translation into sign language? Would you like to visit us with a group and have questions about our programme? Get in touch with us!

E-Mail barrierefrei(at)tdjw.de
Telefon 0341 486 60-57 oder -58

[Translate to English:] Der Kopfs eines BOs (Logo-Tier des TDJW) mit Brille. Darüber die Buchstaben "AD".

Audio description (AD) is a live description of what can be seen on stage. For example, the set, the costumes or the plot. In this way, we want to make productions more accessible for people with visual impairments. This also includes offers such as a tactile tour of the stage.

The following performances are currently planned with audio description:

  • Es war Zweimal (It was twice) [3 plus]
    Dance piece by Sara Angius for everyone and the very youngest | Relaxed Performance | World premiere

    Past date:
    25.10.2023, 10.00 am, Kleiner Saal
  • Wuchs! (Growth!) [2 plus]
    Dance piece for the very youngest by Alfredo Zinola and Micaela Kühne Jara

    26.01.2024, 10.00 am, Kleiner Saal
    28.01.2024, 11.00 am, Kleiner Saal

Would you like a specific production with audio description or do you have questions / comments about our offer? Please get in touch with us!

[Translate to English:] Der Kopf eines BOs. BO hält sich eine Hand vor den Mund.

Not all productions require spoken words to be understood. These productions are also accessible for people with little or no knowledge of German and for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. On request, we also offer certain productions with translation into German sign language.

  • Fische und Süßer Brei (Fish & Sweet Pap) [2 plus]
    By Ines Müller-Braunschweig | World premiere

    Past date:
    19.11.2023, 11.00 am, Etage Eins
    19.11.2023, 04.00 pm, Etage Eins
    20.11.2023, 10.00 am, Etage Eins
  • Wuchs! (Growth!) [2 plus]
    Dance piece for little ones | By Alfredo Zinola and Micaela Kühn Jara | World premiere

    05.01.2024, 10.00 am, Kleiner Saal
    26.01.2024, 10.00 am, Kleiner Saal
    28.01.2024, 11.00 am, Kleiner Saal
  • Splikifant [3 plus]
    A German-Georgian theatre play for children | A co-production with the Nodar Dumbadze Professional State Youth Theatre Tbilisi | World premiere

    11.01.2024, 10.00 am, Etage Eins
    12.01.2024, 10.00 am, Etage Eins
    14.01.2024, 11.00 am, Etage Eins
  • Schule des Wetters: Schnee (The school of weathers: snow) [6 plus]
    A dance piece under stormy conditions by Lisa Freudenthal | Based on the stage installation by Guy Gutman, Gabi Kricheli & Tami Lebovits | World premiere

    14.12.2023, 10.00 am, Kleiner Saal
    15.12.2023, 10.00 am, Kleiner Saal
    16.12.2023, 04.30 pm, Kleiner Saal
    18.12.2023, 09.15 & 12.00 am, Kleiner Saal
    19.12.2023, 09.15 & 12.00 am, Kleiner Saal
    21.12.2023, 09.15 & 12.00 am, Kleiner Saal
    22.12.2023, 09.15 am & 05.15 pm, Kleiner Saal
  • Wilde Bühne: Hier kommt keiner durch! (Wild stage: Don’t cross the line!) [8 plus]
    By Isabel Minhós Martins and Bernardo P. Carvalho | Translated from Portuguese by Franziska Hauffe

    Past date:
    31.10.2023, 15.00, Small Hall
  • LeiseLaut! (Quiet-Loud!) [11 plus]
    Interactive dance piece | World premiere

    16.01.2024, 10:00 am, Großer Saal