The Day No One Was Angry 5 plus

Puppet theatre based on the children’s book by Toon Tellegen and Marc Boutavant.

Short info: All animals in the forest are angry. All animals? No. A little squirrel has never really felt angry. And so it sets out to explore this special feeling. The dazzling animal world of the mystical rage-forest celebrates the completely justified feeling in a poetic and witty way.

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Director: Julia Sontag
Stage Design & Costumes: Carsten Schmidt
Costumes: Julia Sontag
Puppetry: Peter Lutz
Dramaturgy: Birgit Lindermayr

Cast of play

Anna-Lena Zühlke
Moritz Ceste
Emilia Giertler

The animals in the forest are furious. The elephant is angry at itself because it constantly falls out of the trees. The hyrax is angry at the sun because it sets every evening. The earthworm is in a bad mood because the beetle has an even worse temper than he does. And the shrew is incredibly angry and frustrated because nothing can put the squirrel in a bad mood. It's a high-tension environment, until that memorable summer day, when all the rage disappeared; to the horror of the animals. But don't be afraid! You can rely on anger. It will surely return.

How is it that rage is so famous and yet so disreputable at the same time? And wrongly so! There are damn well enough reasons in the world to be furious, angry and fiendishly devilish! It doesn't matter if your rage is small or big. In this new puppet show, the dazzling animal world of the mystical rage-forest celebrates this completely justified feeling in a poetic, witty and quietly wistful way.

Premiere: 23 February 2020