Der Vogel Anderswo (The Bird Elsewhere) 40 Min4 plus

By Stephan Wolf-Schönburg | Puppet Theatre in German and Arabic | World Premiere

Short info: In faraway Damascus, with Nunu and his family, lives a little bird called »Elsewhere (Anderswo)«. One day, however, it is not he who is elsewhere, but the family. For it is war. Will he see his friend Nunu again?

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Director: Stephan Wolf-Schönburg
Co-Director: Romy Kuhn
Stage Design & Costumes: Carsten Schmidt
Dramaturgy: Jörn Kalbitz

Cast of play

Soubhi Shami

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In Syria, or, to be more exact, in the city of Damascus lives the little boy Nunu. And he has a little bird that resides in a cage. But its door is always open, for that the little bird is able to fly away and get back whenever he wants. And precisely because he is often not here, but elsewhere, he is also called »elsewhere «. But one day Nunu and his family obviously left home, because war is raging in the city. So Elsewhere’s journey begins.

»Der Vogel Anderswo« is narrated and played by the Syrian actor and puppet player Andubhi Shami, who has been living in Leipzig since 2015.

The production can also be played mobile in kindergarten.