Klein (Small) 4 plus

Ein Foto der Puppenspielerin Luise Audersch in der Inszenierung "Klein"
Inszenierungsfoto von "KLEIN". Schauspielerin Luise Audersch hält eine winzige Tasse von sich weggestreckt.
Inszenierungsfoto von "KLEIN". Schauspielerin Luise Audersch lehnt sich über einen Tisch, an dem bunter Girlanden aus ausgeschnittenen Papierfiguren herunterhängen.
Inszenierungsfoto von "KLEIN". Schauspielerin Luise Audersch liegt grinsend auf dem Boden und stößt eine Reihe aufgestellter Dominosteine an.
Inszenierungsfoto von "KLEIN". Schauspielerin Luise Audersch lehnt sich auf einen Tisch. Darauf stehen eine winzige Tasse, eine Teekanne und eine Blumenvase.
Schauspielerin Luise Audersch hält in einer Hand eine winzige Tasse und wirft mit der anderen Konfetti in die Luft.
Inszenierungsfoto von "KLEIN". Schauspielerin Luise Audersch hinter einem Tisch. Sie hält eine Tasse in der Hand, auf dem Tisch liegt eine umgekippte Teekanne.

Loosely based on the children's book by Stina Wirsén | Translated from the Swedish by Susanne Dahmann | Adaption: Julia Brettschneider

Short info: The Wusel, called Klein, is not doing well. Far too often there are arguments at home. But something can be done. Gentle play about what domestic violence means for children and strategies to deal with it.

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There are currently no performance dates planned.


If you would like to be informed about the next performance dates or about booking possibilities for Kitas, you contact gladly our visitor service under 0341.486 60 16.


Director: Julia Brettschneider
Stage Design & Costumes: Julia Brettschneider
Dramaturgy: Josepha Maschke
Theatre education: Catharina Guth

Cast of play

Luise Audersch

What can you do if you are not feeling well? When there are far too many fights at home? When nobody puts you to bed? Who can help? Difficult questions – even for KLEIN. The Wusel is so small that it is also called like that. And when you're small, it's sometimes not so easy to get along with the big ones. Or is it? When KLEIN dares to tell his kindergarten teacher how difficult it is at home, everything changes...

»Klein« carefully addresses what domestic violence means for children and what strategies there can be to handle it. We offer the production based on the picture book by Stina Wirsén in the kindergarten for children from the age of 4 and educators.

Before attending the performance, parents/guardians and educators have the opportunity to find out more about the themes of the play, such as preventing violence:
- Free workshops for parents/guardians
- Further training for educators
Both offers deal with questions such as: How can we prepare for and follow up on attending the performance of »Klein«? How do we deal with a suspicion of child endangerment? How do we as parents/guardians deal with the story of «Klein»? What contact points are there?

The next workshops for parents and guardians will take place on the following dates:
Thursday, 12.2.2022 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Tuesday, 31.05.2022 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

They are online, free of charge and offered by the Kinderschutzbund, Ortsverband Leipzig (Child Protection Association, chapter Leipzig).

Information and registration for the workshops for legal guardians and educators via: Franziska Berg, familienbildung@dksb-leipzig.de

In cooperation with the Child Protection Association, Chapter Leipzig.

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