Emil and the Detectives 1h 20 Min8 plus

Vorne im Bild ist ein Schauspieler zu sehen. Im Hintergrund ein sehr großes Bild desselben Schauspielers in anderer Verkleidung als älterer Mann mit Schnauzbart.
Schauspieler Benjamin Vinnen in einer Breakdance-Position. Hände sind auf dem Boden und Beine in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist auf einer Leinwand ein dunkelrotes Bild von einem Mann mit großem Schnauzbart zu sehen.

By Erich Kästner

Short info: Emil is robbed on the way to Berlin. 250 euros! But without help, it's hard to track the thief in the urban jungle. Luckily, Emil meets Pony - and she is immediately hooked on the criminal case.

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10:00 AMGroßer Saal[8 plus]

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Director: Julia Brettschneider
Stage design: Carsten Schmidt
Costumes: Jana Kuhlemeier
Dramaturgy: Jörn Kalbitz
Theatre education: Catharina Guth
Video: Valle Döring

Cast of play

Benjamin Vinnen
Josephine Schumann

Emil is taking the train to Berlin on his own for the first time. And with him he has a small fortune of 250 euros for his grandma. To be on the safe side he has the money attached to his clothes with a fixing pin. But then the disaster happens. Emil falls asleep and when he wakes up all the money is gone! He knows exactly who to suspect: the man in the bowler hat!
Emil is determined to get it back, but is about to lose the trace. Luckily, he gets to know Pony. This girl is amazing and a really good friend. They begin a hair-raising chase across Berlin. Will they catch the thief and get the money back?

In the context of the 75th anniversary of the Theater of the Young World we are staging a new version of the classic by Erich Kästner, with which the theater opened in 1946.

Premiere: 7th of November, 2021