Season 2023:24
ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT! (Back to the Future!)

We live in turbulent times. Times of transition, of transformation. Somehow, many of our certainties of yesterday no longer fit the world of tomorrow (and today ...). Everything is in motion, in flux. Is the future even ours? Sure! Maybe we just have to start slowly to take back the future! What better place to do this than in the theatre, where the world is imagined?

In the 2023:24 season, our theatre will encounter a (surrounding) world in transformation, a society in transformation, generations in transformation, people in transformation.

For the new TDJW programme and the dewy-eyed YOUNG WILDNESS programme, we have packed world-changing themes such as sustainability, radicalisation tendencies, co-determination or inclusion into plays and projects: 10 premieres, including 5 world premieres, 1 German-language premiere, in drama, dance and puppetry, the continuation of the participatory format WILDE BÜHNE, a living place of remembrance, a conference for young people and one for theatre professionals, a guest performance and a talk series. Festival fans will get their money's worth in the 2023:24 season, as will everyone who wants to join in, join in, join in - because just getting involved once is not enough. Look forward with us to Christina Piljavec as TDJW house author and to late-night poetry, nanodramas and other text tidbits.

We will be playing again from 01 September. The first premieres are on 16.09.2023 the coming-of-age comedy SEXUALKUNDE FÜR DAS NEUE JAHRTAUSEND [15 plus] and on 22.09.2023 the dance piece about radicality HYPER NORMAL [15 plus].

We look forward to dreaming, testing and creating the future with you!

With this in mind: Happy new season to us all!

And here you can download the new season booklet (only in German available):

Spielzeitheft ZURÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT! (Back to the Future!) (double pages) (PDF 18,7MB)

The "real page-turning feeling" can be found here.