Das NEINhorn (The Unicorn That Said No) 6 plus

By Marc-Uwe Kling | World premiere

Short info: A children's book success as a big TDJW Christmas play: A unicorn that does not behave like a unicorn at all.

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In the Heart Forest, where the plush stones and flowers are as big as trees, a puffy, super fluffy unicorn is born. But although it should be very happy with all the sugared lucky clover and the cuddle clouds, the animal does not behave like a dream world animal at all. It simply always says »No!« and only wants to be left alone. So it decides to take its cotton candy world under its own hooves. It meets a raccoon that doesn't listen, a dog that doesn’t care about anything and a princess that is not so unlike him. And one thing is for sure: Being stubborn together is much more fun than being stubborn alone.

Marc-Uwe Kling, the author of »The Kangaroo Chronicles«, created with his stubborn NEINhorn a lovable anti-hero who simply can't do anything with the rose-colored fairy-tale glasses of his relatives. – Off to the theatre? – »No!« – Yes!

Premiere: November 27, 2020