What the Rhino Saw When It Looked Upon the Other Side of the Fence 10 plus

By Jens Raschke

Short info: New to the Zoo, the bear asks a lot of questions. The leading ape, Dad Baboon, doesn't like that at all. His motto: Don't be too curious. This is especially true for the two-legged creatures, who live next door - they are emaciated and striped and guarded by their fellow creatures in boots. Please scroll down for more information.

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A small zoo in the middle of the forest, a tranquil oasis, a true paradise. What else would you need to be happy? But the young bear has to get used to the organized everyday life of the cheerful animals. Caught in faraway Siberia, he is new to the world of Mum and Dad Baboon, Mr and Mrs Mouflon and Marmot Girl. The bear looks longingly over the fence, accustomed to his freedom. Just like the rhino. It stands out when compared to the other inhabitants of the zoo through its constantly gloomy demeanour. The more the bear learns about the booted and striped two-legged ones on the other side of the fence, the worse the whole intricate conundrum becomes.

It sounds incredible, but there really was a zoo in the Buchenwald concentration camp. And it serves as the setting for this production of »What the Rhino Saw ...«, currently the most performed children's theatre play about the National Socialist Era. Awarded the German Children's Theatre Prize in 2014 and invited to the renowned Mülheimer Theatertage (Mülheimer Theatredays) in 2016, it is a plea for civil courage and takes a monumental stand against letting the Nazi Era fade into oblivion.