The school of weathers: snow 6 plus

Drei Tänzer:innen (Anna-Lena Zühlke, Sofiia Stasiv, Denis Cvetković) tanzen über die Bühne. Zwei schlagen gerade ein Rad, nebenher fällt künstlicher Schnee.
Ein Foto der beiden Tänzer:innen Denis Cvetcovic und Sofiia Stasiv in der Tanzproduktion "Schule des Wetters: Schnee"
Zwei Tänzer:innen in großen Plastikkugeln rechts und links im Bild. In der Mitte eine Frau, die gerade in die Luft springt.

A dance piece under stormy conditions by Lisa Freudenthal | Based on the stage installation by Guy Gutman, Gabi Kricheli & Tami Lebovits | World premiere

Short info: In falling snow the world as we know it becomes blurred. A choreographic piece about a weather phenomenon and its effects on us humans.

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Director: Lisa Freudenthal
Conzept & Set Design: Guy Gutman
Conzept & Set Design: Gabi Kricheli
Conzept & Set Design: Tami Lebovits
Implementation stage desing: Carsten Schmidt
Costumes: Laura Nowka
Dramaturgy: Anna Weyrosta
Dramaturgy: Winnie Karnofka
Theatre education: Veronique Nivelle

Cast of play

Anna-Lena Zühlke
Denis Cvetković
Sofiia Stasiv

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In the heart of the storm the world seems blurred. Nothing is clear in snow and wind. Everything whirls and changes, takes on new forms, over and over again. In a constantly changing snowy landscape, opposites suddenly exist side by side. Order and chaos. Silence and loudness. Fullness and emptiness. Everything becomes vague in winter and its icy wind. Only cohesion and experience help to exist between these poles.

Winter in Leipzig? You say: Forget it! And we: No problem. We bring the »white splendor« into the small hall of the TDJW! Whether light snowfall or wild flurries of flakes – in the choreography by Lisa Freudenthal and in the stage installation by Israeli artists Guy Gutman, Tami Lebovits and Gabi Kricheli, snow becomes a virtuoso leading actor with whom the ensemble and the audience form a frosty and beautiful alliance.

In the framework program of the »euro-scene Leipzig – Festival of contemporary European theater and dance«

Premiere: November 4, 2020

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    Schule des Wetters: Schnee-Padlet