Rose Rose Rose 13 plus

A trilingual theatre play by Malin Axelsson, Karin Serres and Marianne Ségol | Adapted from the Swedish work by Jana Hallberg | German-language premiere

Short info: Rapid teenage drama about a girl named Rose. Played by three actors in German, English and French. Emotional roller coaster is guaranteed - on stage and in the auditorium! Please scroll down for further information.

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At first glance, it seems to be an ordinary girl's room, Rose's room. It's a place to chill out, to dream, a place to explore yourself. But enter at your own risk! A real drama is taking place here: Rose's puberty. Discoveries, fears, secrets and inferiority complexes - a journey with possible and impossible expectations.

At the same time, Rose's body now leads a life of its own. At top speed it travels on an emotional roller coaster. Rose's self-image is also constantly changing. Actually, she is no longer so sure who she is and certainly not how many. The purring pussy-cat Rose? Or the cannibal Rose? Is she even a "real" girl? Most of the time she is three people at once: Rose, Rose, Rose.

The team of authors, the Swedish director and theatre manager Malin Axelsson, the French stage designer and illustrator Karin Serres and the dramaturge Marianne Ségol, tell the story of their heroine with pleasure, weird humour and great sensitivity. What does it mean to grow up and be a girl? In "Rose Rose Rose", the inner life of a teenager - the inner conflict of growing up itself is addressed. The German premiere is both unusual and challenging: The girl Rose is played by three male actors in German, French and English.

Funded by the THEATERPREIS DES BUNDES 2015 (Theatre prize of the federal government 2015)

Press: "That Rose is portrayed by three guys is anything but a travesty gig. On the contrary. It helps to create a mixture of bluntness and distance, which is needed here to penetrate the most intimate spheres of feelings and sex."
LVZ, 20.3.2017

"'Rose Rose Rose' is an abstract and at the same time surprisingly accurate portrayal of the most classical of all dramas: puberty."
Kreuzer, 1.5.2017

Premiere: 18 March 2017