Robinson & Crusoe 8 plus

By Nino D'Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio | From the Italian by Herta Conrad

Short info: Two strangers, a lonely island, and no common language. The author duo Nino D'Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio have borrowed the moment of encounter between two different cultures from Defoe's famous novel. What happens when they meet?

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Director: Philipp Oehme
Set design: Jasna Bošnjak
Costumes: Laura Nowka
Dramaturgy: Birgit Lindermayr

Cast of play

Sonia Abril Romero
Emilie Haus



An inhospitable place in the middle of nowhere, separated from the world – maybe a solitary island, a desert oasis or an icy mountaintop. Here they meet, two female pilots, stranded, worn out by their respective journeys. They encounter each other with suspicion as neither of them speaks the language of the other. Stereotypes quickly develop as they struggle to understand each other. Hostility and hatred build up, they begin to fight. But their situation remains hopeless. Gradually they come to realize that in order to survive, they have to come to terms with each other. Bit by bit the women overcome their dislike for each other. Communication becomes possible with the use of hands and feet. They approach each other and realize that they can preserve their peculiarities and still become friends.

Nino d'Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio have borrowed a moment of encounter between two different cultures from the novel "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe". The result is a parable about the friendliness of strangers, and the wonderful possibilities that can be found when two people come together.

Premiere: 12 September 2019