Peter Pan 7 plus

Based on James M. Barrie in an adaptation by Ulrich Zaum

Short info: A girl between childhood and puberty. A boy who doesn't want to grow up. A country, in which only one's own imagination sets limits. A timeless adventure for children of all ages! Please scroll down for further information.

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It is strange when in the middle of the night a boy lands in your nursery, flying around wildly and causing quite a mess trying to catch his own (!) shadow. This madman is also accompanied by a babbling, shining, glowing smoochball called Tinkerbell. Extraordinary mysterious! But Wendy Darling is not like other girls: carried away by her curiosity she leaves the comfort of her duvet behind to help the peculiar Peter Pan get his shadow back. To thank her he invites Wendy to come with him to Neverland, the island of eternal childhood (of course ..., Wendy dares), where he is the leader of the lost boys (double-of-course ...) and Wendy herself can fly there (Whaaattt?!)!

The rest - the clumsy Tootels, the wild pirates, the ticking crocodile and the dreaded Captain Hook – is history. Director Jürgen Zielinski brings Peter Pan's famous adventure by James M. Barrie about the power of imagination and the often difficult farewell to childhood onto the stage of the TdJW so that it can be enjoyed by the young, the very young, the elderly, the very old and, above all, the eternal children.

PREMIERE: 30 September 2018