The Trip to Panama 4 plus

Puppet theatre by Janosch | With live music

Short info: Even though they love their home, bear and tiger are overcome with a thirst for adventure. So they set off to find the mysterious PANAMA. But will it live up to their dreams?

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Director: Marion Firlus
Set and costume design: Carsten Schmidt
Puppetry: Anja Mikolajetz
Music: Marco De Haunt
Dramaturgy: Jörn Kalbitz

Cast of play

Moritz Ceste
Patrick Jech
Marco De Haunt

Everybody knows them – Janosch's famous story, which humorously tells the journey of the little bear and tiger to the land of their desire. The little bear and little tiger are best friends and live together in their cosy house by the river. One day the little bear catches a curious box whilst fishing. It smells wonderfully of bananas, his favourite food, and is inscribed with the word: PANAMA. Their curiosity peaked and their mouths watering the two friends decide to move there. But where is Panama? The two of them set off on an adventurous journey, meeting many other animals along the way to help them find the unknown place. And indeed - the two discover the land of their dreams...

Exactly 10 years ago Janosch's »Christmas with Tiger and Bear« was shown at the Theater der Jungen Welt. Now a Janosch Christmas play enchants again!

Premiere: 22 November 2019