14 plus

by Igor Bauersima

Short info: Two teenagers meet at the edge of the world - in Norway, where the cliffs are high and the fjords deep. With no person in sight for miles they find themselves, each other and above all life. Please scroll down for further information.

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Director: Philipp Oehme
Set and costume design: Elena Köhler
Dramaturgy: Jörn Kalbitz

Cast of play

Emilie Haus
Philipp Zemmrich
Tommy Neuwirth



Julie and August discover each other on the anonymous planes of the Internet. It is a chat room where the two teenagers find each other. Both are looking for like-minded people, for a form of happiness, for alternatives to their reality. Because if you are honest, you can only despair at the prospect of life. It quickly becomes clear that they share a longing. The longing to choose their death. And so they decide to embark on one last journey together. They head to the edge of the world, in Norway, where the cliffs are high and the fjords deep. But by looking into the abyss they discover something monstrous: life.

"Norway.Today" by Igor Bauersima has become one of the classics of contemporary German youth theatre. Philipp Oehme, a member of the TdJW's acting ensemble, makes his directional debut in Leipzig with this work. The premiere also sets a milestone for the TdJW through being the first play that is presented on the new small stage of the theatre.