MÄDCHENMONSTERMUSIK (Girl‘s Monster Music) 15 plus

Clara Schumann Wunderkind: Musical Theatre | Premiere | by Winnie Karnofka

Short info: Prodigy, pop star, superwoman, teenager in love and dad‘s daughter. One stage, one grand piano and five Claras. The universe of the young Clara Schumann-Wieck.

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Your current privacy settings prevent this video from being displayed ( Youtube).

Happy Birthday to you, long may you live! We congraaaatulate! Clara Schumann would be celebrating her 200th (!) birthday in 2019 – reason enough for Leipzig, artistically and musically, to hit the keys hard and commemorate the Leipzig nativ and exceptional pianist all throughout the city. Of course, Clara Schumann also »calls the tune« at the TdJW, where we give her a brand-new piece with – naturally – musicmusicmusic, a birthday present that is perfect for every musician!
Does that mean a simple, dusty »Happy birthday, old lady?« By no means! What do we care about 200 years? We want Clara – young and unchained! We want Clara, who made her debut at the Leipzig Gewandhaus as a nine-year-old prodigy. We want Clara, who is not afraid of competition. We want the fast-paced Clara who »has more power than six boys put together!« (Goethe!). We are interested in the girl beyond her father’s huge shadow. The teenage composer. The keyboard lioness. Clara, the rapturous »It«-girl, ideal of romanticism. Clara as an avant-garde musical monster. Of course, we want Clara secretly in love with Robert. And of course we also want: Clara on the grand-piano!

Premiere: 4 May 2019