Liebe Grüße... oder Wohin das Leben fällt (Lots of Love... or wherever life may lead) 8 plus

By Theo Fransz | Translated from Dutch by Andrea Kluitmann | German First Release

Short info: A small family: Moritz, his single father and grandma Mathilde, who confuses Moritz with his grandfather. But something from the past is haunting Moritz and suddenly his father is standing in front of him as a boy of the same age.

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Moritz is a normal boy. Yes, he likes his single father. But he’s rather annoyed by the never-ending I-love-you affirmations and his dad trying to be a cool and hip friend rather than a parent. Grandma Mathilde on the other hand becomes more and more wondrous. Lately she has been confusing the boy with his grandfather. But Moritz never met him. He can sense that there is a mystery in the families past that still shapes his life today, but he just can’t figure out what happened. A journey through time brings Moritz on the trail of truth. Suddenly his own father faces him as a boy of the same age.

»Lots of love …«, leads you right into the everyday life of an average family. The connections between the generations seem fragile, the unspoken secrets threaten to tear open old wounds. But aren't these the people who you love the most? Author Theo Fransz gives his protagonists the key – it lies in talking about generational experiences and in a lively family history that knows no secrets.

Premiere: January 11, 2020