Intrigue and Love 15 plus

by Friedrich Schiller

Short info: Even after 234 years Schiller's tragedy full of raging love, urgent jealousy and stone-cold intrigues offers enough material to entertain a whole evenings and fuel discussions in the subsequent days. Storm the TdJW! Please scroll down for further information.

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Luise loves Ferdinand and Ferdinand loves Luise. Both could be overflowing with happiness, floating on cloud nine - if it weren't for their parents. They are against the union.
Ferdinand's father, president Walter, wants a social liaison for his son that is appropriate for his class. A girl from precarious circumstances messing with his son's head doesn't have a place in his plans for Ferdinand. Luise's father, on the other hand, does not trust the offspring from a nouveau-riche family and fears his politically influential father. With so much parental opposition, it becomes difficult for the two lovers to trust their own feelings. Step by step a whirlwind of lies and intrigues creeps upon them like an unstoppable force, from which there is no escape.

"Intrigue and Love", Friedrich Schiller's politically critical version of Romeo-and-Julia, is one of the most famous dramas of the "Sturm und Drang" Epoch. With its offensively carried out generation conflict it continues to be a classic of youth theatre.

Press: "The tragedy purrs like a fluffy thriller. (...) from the thriller crescendo that builds up suspense, to the cold steel of the golf club, almost as if it were a weapon. Above all, the focus is maintained by the outstanding actors. Benjamin Vinnen as Wurm, who himself has had an eye on Luise, turns out to be a great comedian, who finely balances the stupid egoism of his character with just a glance of wit. Baake persistently sticks to his portrayal of the unscrupulous president, who builds his own memorial. And Laura Hempel lasciviously displays her musical talent as Lady Milford, creating different emotions and capturing the mood of the scenes in her interpretations on the piano." LVZ, 03 March 2018