By Dafi Altabeb

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Music: Reut Yehudai
Choreografie: Dafi Altabeb
Choreografie: Nini Moshe

»The really beautiful things
Do not walk outside
Sometimes they happen in a room,
When the doors are locked and the shutters are closed ... « (Dalia Ravikovic)

For over 10 years, Alteb has been researching the marital relationship in her works, as if trying to understand how it takes place, how the years affect it and what is the key to its success.
Following on from her latest work SOON WE’LL MAKE LOTS OF LOVE in which the dancers talk throughout most of the work, about their personal lives and the work at the same time, so does her new work IT ALL COMES DOWN TO ME.
Creation and personal life blend into one. Apparently, not in vain, since they are each other's source.
Altebav creates an autobiography in her new work, in which she talks about the individual within the relationship and how these nourish each other, collide with each other and seek an answer to each other.