Puppet theater based on the children's book by Sebastian Meschenmoser

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Director: Christoph Levermann
Set and costume design: Henriette Hübschmann
Puppetry: Claudia Goetz
Dramaturgy: Sebastian Schimmel

They are like day and night. Nevertheless, Gordon and Tapir are the very best friends and not only that – they also live together. Together they can talk about everything for hours. But suddenly, the daily life in the shared flat is in crisis – the toilet paper is constantly running out and the living room slowly but surely turns into a jungle. And Gordon the penguin likes it quiet and tidy. Tapir is completely different – he loves it wild and colourful. It doesn't match perfectly and already… there's a fight. But their friendship is important to them and so they consider: What can we do?

Sebastian Meschenmoser's picture book deals sensitively and humorously with the acceptance of otherness and the family theme number 1: order and disorder. At the Theater der Jungen Welt, the story about the possibility of liking everyone as they are, comes as a production for puppet theater.

Premiere: March 27, 2021 (World Theater Day)