Gold! 5 plus

Music theatre by Leonard Evers and Flora Verbrugge after the fairy tale "'The fisherman and his wife" by the Brothers Grimm

Kurzinfo: Jacob findet einen Fisch, der alle Wünsche erfüllt und alle seine Träume scheinen plötzlich für ihn und seine Familie wahr zu werden. Doch schnell wird klar, dass es gar nicht so leicht ist mit dem Wünschen. Vielleicht hilft das: Simplify your life!

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Director: Kay Link
Musikalische Einstudierung: Barbara Rucha
Set and costume design: Elena Köhler
Dramaturgy: Birgit Lindermayr
Projektionen: Tilman König
Projektionen: Elena Köhler

Cast of play

Laura Hempel
Paul Wagner



Little Jacob and his parents can't afford much. They don't even have a real roof over their heads. They can only dream of prosperity, luxury and carelessness. Until one day, a fishing trip turns their lives upside down. First Jacob has a big fish on the hook. Eating the fish, the family would have enough to eat for one whole week. But Jacob lets the fat catch fall back into the sea. He's frightened, because the fish has spoken! "Throw me in and let me live, whatever you want, I will give to you! Being totally stunnded about this incredibility, Jacob forgets to make a wish. But the next day, he makes up for it immediately. Promptly he gets a nice pair of new shoes. And that's just the beginning, because Jacob's parents also have a lot of wishes. An endless rush of wishing begins, which makes them lose their heads and minds.

"Gold" is the most successful children's opera in recent years and with Laura Hempel in the leading role, the piece is performed for the first time in Leipzig.

Press: "Gold!' at the TdJW combines fairy tale and innovation. (...) In the play after the Grimm´schen 'The fisherman and his wife', little Jacob catches a magical fish that fulfils him every wish after he‘s released it again. (...) The TdJW shows the material in the music theatre version by Leonard Evers and Flora Verbrugge. (...) Laura Hempel tells the story and meanwhile plays the roles of Jakob and his parents with great authenticity and joy. A slight change of voice is enough to clearly define the characters and to capture the audience attention. (...) 'Gold!' demands the audience's imagination in exactly the right measure. The little guests giggle over snoring parents and stubborn props and on the other hand marvel in silence at the sea and the threatening danger. A production – very well done.

Premiere: December 2, 2017