Ginpuin. Searching for great Happiness 4 plus

By Winnie Karnofka, inspired by the children’s book by Barbara van den Speulhof und Henrike Wilson | Directed by Jürgen Zielinski

Kurzinfo: Ein Pinguin mit Sprachfehler erkundet die Welt und bringt nicht nur Buchstaben, sondern auch die Herzen aller gehörig durcheinander.

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Somewhere at the other end of the world there is an island. It’s so unbelievable far away and so cold that there’s only snow and ice – and an endless number of penguins. As far as the eyes can see: Ice and snow and penguins. And this condition would have been remaining if not, one day, a very special penguin came into the world. He was somehow different than all the others. He didn’t say flippers, he said pliffers. Beautiful was feautibul and his plumage was whack and blite. As soon as he spoke a loud laughter echoed all across the wide white island. The whole colony of birds rolled on the floor laughing day in, day out – until Ginpuin had enough. He decided: »I will jake a journey!«. On a big boat he escaped and got to know a lot of new friends. But finally he gets herribly tomesick.

A funny and touching story about the difficulty and the enriching of otherness, based on the picture book by Barbara van den Speulhof and Henrike Wilson.

For his production Jürgen Zielinski was nominated for the German Theatre Price »Der Faust« 2015.
»Ginpuin. Searching for Great Happiness.« was performed at the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen in 2016.