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Short info: Without collaborations, we all die. Seven performers run continuously – and yet only tread water. In KRIZE, Žiga Divjak and his team examine our global economic system, which is built on exploitation and growth.

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In KRIZE (Crises), the seven very different performers on stage run incessantly in place – they change their clothes, call on the phone, eat and drink, sweat and run and run and run to complete exhaustion or total catastrophe. But what happens afterwards?

We are constantly confronted with different crises – whether they be personal, professional, social, political or health crises. But behind them lies perhaps the greatest crisis in the history of mankind: the so-called environmental crisis. Fundamentally existential, it still doesn’t get enough attention. We spend our energy slowing down the necessary transformation of our way of life to maintain the status quo. We forget that crises offer the opportunity to make seemingly impossible ideas possible. But what ideas? Those that would make all people safer, healthier and wealthier? Or rather those that have the objective of making the already inconceivably rich even richer? In KRIZE, Žiga Divjak and his team investigate these questions and place a special emphasis on the human ability for cooperation as well as the necessity of not understanding nature simply as a resource, but rather seeing us as a part of it.

In his home country, Slovenia, Žiga Divjak is in demand as a young star director; in his works, he deals with social inequalities and environmental issues. KRIZE is based on two bestselling books: Weniger ist mehr by Jason Hickel, who sees the root of environmental problems in the capitalist exploitation of man and nature, as well as Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s Der Pilz am Ende der Welt, a study on the rare and extremely expensive Matsutake mushroom, which has become a parable on the existence after a catastrophe.

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