Deluxe Ensemble 16 plus & Abend

»Do you speak Vinnish?« | A musical journey around the world with Benjamin Vinnen

Short info: Let Benjamin Vinnen invite you to a very personal musical journey around the world, in which childhood memories, longings and everyday moments blend together in one chanson filled evening.

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Cast of play

Benjamin Vinnen

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New season – new format! In »Deluxe Ensemble« the actresses and actors of the TdJW take centre stage, becoming directors and displaying their hidden talents in the spotlight.

»Do you speak VINNISH?«, asks the winner of the 2015 Federal Singing Competition in the category Chanson. In his entertaining, witty and absolutely chansonesque evening, Benjamin Vinnen invites us on a very personal musical journey around the world, combining childhood memories, longings and everyday moments.

Press: »What happens in an actor's head when he 'pretends' to be Romeo or a King? Something in his stomach? Benjamin Vinnen can sing a song about it – and he does this in the solo production ›Do you speak Vinnisch?‹, which opened the new series ›Deluxe Ensemble‹ at the Young Spectators Theatre on Friday. (...) While trams happily twinkle in the windows behind him, he whirls through his musical comedy-chanson-poetry-slam-world journey, rung in by the Finnish national anthem, performed in two voices (thanks to a Loopstation) and cheered on by many. (...)«. LVZ 11 September 2017

Press: »With his programme he takes the audience on his travels to other countries and gives them insights into his experiences: when he was 13, he fell in love with a Finnish girl, whose grey eyes were the same colour as the grey sea, he sings. In Paris the women are snatched away by a charming Frenchman and in order to finally reach his destination, he ›literally sweats into his underpants‹ because he’s afraid of flying. Vinnen makes the audience laugh, but despite all his irony he manages to make them think.« 18 September 2017 Mephisto 97.6

Premiere: 08 September 2017