Digital: Und morgen streiken die Wale (Digital: And tomorrow the whales will strike) 12 plus

Schauspielerin Julia Sonntag mit blauer Mütze, rosa Regenjacke und Rucksack geht unter einem Absperrband durch.
Schauspielerin Julia Sonntag in einem dunklen Kapuzenpullover hinter einer Glasscheibe. Umgebung ist sehr dunkel. Auf der Glasscheibe steht handschriftlich in grün-leuchtender Schrift : Bin nur kurz die Welt retten!
Foto der Schauspielerin Julia Sontag mit einem Kameramann aus der Inszenierung "Digital: Und morgen streiken die Wale"

By Thomas Arzt

Short info: A play about environmental awareness, courage and the importance of personal commitment. Whales! Ten whales, they say, got lost in the bay. The 16 year old Mel hurries to the scene of the incident and is convinced – we all did nothing for far too long in the fight against the ongoing environmental disaster. That must change!

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Director: Johanna Zielinski
Musikalische Leitung: Philipp Wiechert
Ausstattung: Thurid Goertz
Dramaturgy: Birgit Lindermayr
Dramaturgy: Florian Heller

Cast of play

Julia Sontag

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Whales on the beach? They do not belong there at all? And yet: Ten whales, they say, got lost in the shallow waters of the bay. The 16-year-old Mel hurries to the scene of the incident and gets angry. How could this happen? Who is to blame for this misfortune? Was it fateful nature, the unruly sea? Or the people with their noise from oil rigs and shipping? The emergency services send Mel away. But she is sure: They have miscounted. There are nine whales lying there. Nine! Where is the tenth?!

Mel is convinced that all of us have resigned ourselves for far too long to doing nothing in the fight against the ongoing environmental disaster. But this night, alone in a boat, she sees her chance. – Will she be able to help her Moby Dick find her way into the open sea?

Premiere: January 9, 2021


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