Gulliver 1h 12 plus

An interactive journey to motifs by Jonathan Smith | By Game Theatre Kollektiv »komplexbrigade« | World premiere

Short info: Game-theatre about home and foreign countries, fear and the other and – above all –curiosity about what we do not know.

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05:00 PMTheaterbus[12 plus]

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What does it mean to be homeless? Constantly being shipwrecked and stranded on islands with strange names like Laputa, Brobdingnag or Glubbdubrib, populated by strange creatures? The doctor and captain Lemuel Gulliver never reaches his home port with his ship. And wherever he lands, he is considered as a troublemaker. For the people on Laputa he is a giant, for those on Glubbdubrib a dwarf. In any case, he is someone who upsets the prevailing order.

What is one's own and what is foreign – and who actually determines that? The »Complex Brigade« searches for answers in their version of the adventure classic »Gulliver's Travels« between performance, game and play.

Premiere: May 8, 2021 | digital and outdoor