The Impossible Encounter 16 plus

Interactive series in a talk-show format with music

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Dramaturgy: Sebastian Schimmel

Cast of play

Josepha Maschke

Despite what many think, it is possible: two guests, who would otherwise never voluntarily spend their evenings together, meet in the Young Spectators Theatre (TdjW) to discuss an explosive topic between live music and scenic surprises. Will they find common ground during the course of the evening? Five "impossible" evenings, five themes, ten guests, the conclusion: unpredictable.

What crucial topic do we have in store for you next? Climate change! Coal industry meets climate activism; our two guests go head-to-head about lignite and climate.
"There is no planet B": On the 29.11., the youngsters of Leipzig will also take part in a global climate strike. Amongst other things, they call for radical changes in energy policies. What would this mean for the lignite industry in Leipzig and Saxony-Anhalt?

Our guests:
Sophia Salzberger, co-initiator of Fridays for Future Leipzig and chairwoman of the "Jugendpresse Sachsen e.V." (Youth Press Saxony e.V.)
Dr. Horst Rehberger, former Minister of Economics and Technology in Saxony-Anhalt, FDP
Together with Melchior Walther the Leipzig musician and actor Peter Schneider will play songs by the excavator driver and songwriter Gerhard Gundermann

Premiere: 18 October 2019