The Bear Who Wasn’t There 4 plus

Based on the picture book from Oren Lavie | Translated from English by Harry Rowohlt | Stage version by Winnie Karnofka | Directed by Jörg Wesemüller | World premiere

Kurzinfo: Ein Bär auf Abenteuerreise durch den Wald – und zu sich selbst. Stellt er die richtigen Fragen des Lebens, egal ob groß oder klein? Auf jeden Fall kann er bis »schön« zählen! So geht Philosophie für Kinder.

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If stories start with »Once upon a time there was a tiny itching«, and if then this tiny itching becomes a big bear with big tasks, if turtle-taxis get lost on straight roads, if furthermore lazy lizerds ride on convenience cows and the penultimate penguins do not understand, that »beautiful« is a much better number than »38«; and if very positive thinking bears (that weren’t there a minute ago) want to find out whether they are really themselves or not – then you find yourself in the middle of the most wondrous fairytale forest of children’s literature.

Who am I? What is truth? What is time? Which way should I go? – Who says that philosophy has to be just for adults? Poetically and unconventionally bizarre the Israeli author Oren Lavie asks big questions with great serenity and increases classical philosophical issues by considerations like: »How many sorts of silence exist?« or »Is it possible for me to whistle faster than I walk?«

This world-premiere is an absolute must for everyone still asking big questions and for everyone who has a passion for lateral thinking and edgy, but kind figures.