The Crystal in the Mountain 6 plus

By Theo Fransz based on »Bergkristall« by Adalbert Stifter | Translated from Dutch by Andrea Kluitmann | Staging by Jürgen Zielinski | First release

Short info: A mountain separates two worlds. The siblings Sanna and Konrad are not really at home in either of them. Between parents on one side and grandparents on the other, they commute around the mountain. But on Christmas Eve they are caught in a storm from which they are miraculously rescued.

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The siblings Sanna and Konrad are torn: in the village on one side of the mountain they live with their parents, but they are not really at home there. Everyone lets them know that their mother comes from a foreign world, from the other side of the mountain. Their grandparents live there, but they don't really belong with them either. The children want both worlds. So they always take the path through the valley and commute around the mountain from one side to the other.

They make no exceptions on Christmas. But the weather changes on the way home. A huge snowstorm sets in – despite all predictions of sunshine. It snows and snows and after a short while you can't even see your hand in front of your eyes! Konrad’s ability to keep his little sisters trust and bring her home safely is tested. But everything familiar is covered in sheets of snow and they lose all orientation. They find refuge in a cave. New worlds open up to them. Sanna believes in salvation through the power of a mysterious mountain crystal, a secret her grandmother told her about...

Adalbert Stifter's legendary story »Bergkristall« from the 19th century was adapted for the TdJW by the renowned Dutch author Theo Fransz.

Premiere: 16 November 2019