War ich hier schon mal? (Have I been here before?) 7 plus

Mythical-interactive audio walk through the labyrinth of the TDJW | By and with Philipp Zemmrich | Conceptual assistance: Stephanie Sonntag

Kurzinfo: Wandelt auf den Spuren mythischer Figuren durch das Backstage-Labyrinth des TDJW und lauscht uralten Geschichten.

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Director: Philipp Zemmrich
Ausstattung: Okarina Peter
Ausstattung: Timo Dentler
Dramaturgy: Florian Heller

Cast of play

Philipp Zemmrich

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Some stories are so old that you no longer know where they come from. Narcissus, who falls in love with his reflection, Icarus, who wants to fly too close to the sun, and many more... They stand in front of us as enigmatically strange as the Sphinx. But if we listen to them, follow them like Theseus followed Ariadne's thread, can we also find our way through our own labyrinth?

The new season starts with an exciting mega-premiere, where we're going for broke on the TDJW-company-card! Our actors, puppeteers and dancers will not only act as usual in a performing manner. In this project they are also cogitating about identity at the conception table, staging, choreographing, writing concepts and music and and and...

Small fact check: 8 PREMIERES, on 3 WEEKENDS, in 2 STAGE DESIGNS in the large and the small hall, and in the digital studio, and throughout the theater, via zoom, online and analogue, as a short film, karaoke show, performance, object theater, theater audio walk, ballroom and installation. Everything is included with TDJW-ALL-IN. Only thing missing: YOU!

Premiere: September 25, 2021