Bääätsch – Zunge raus! (Tongue out!) 4 plus

Theater with people and objects | By and with Luise Audersch, Clara Fritsche and Julia Sontag

Short info: Unjustly underestimated and hidden: the tongue. We liberate the versatile muscle from its bad image and explore its unbelievabilities. We will lick, smack and slobber for all it's worth!

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Konzept/Regie/Spiel: Julia Sontag
Konzept/Regie/Spiel: Clara Fritsche
Konzept/Regie/Spiel: Luise Audersch
Ausstattung: Okarina Peter
Ausstattung: Timo Dentler
Choreografie: Lea Müller
Dramaturgy: Josepha Maschke
Dramaturgy: Franz Schrörs

Cast of play

Luise Audersch
Clara Fritsche
Julia Sontag

Your current privacy settings prevent this video from being displayed ( Youtube).

Your current privacy settings prevent this video from being displayed ( Youtube).

A completely wrongly underestimated and hidden part of the body: the tongue. We free this changeable muscle from its bad image and explore the oral cavity together with you. On a expedition through taste buds, palate and saliva, we get to the bottom of the amazing characteristics of the tongue. There will be licking, smacking and slobbering, for all one is worth!

The new season starts with an exciting mega-premiere, where we're going for broke on the TDJW-company-card! Our actors, puppeteers and dancers will not only act as usual in a performing manner. In this project they are also cogitating about identity at the conception table, staging, choreographing, writing concepts and music and and and...

Small fact check: 8 PREMIERES, on 3 WEEKENDS, in 2 STAGE DESIGNS in the large and the small hall, and in the digital studio, and throughout the theater, via zoom, online and analogue, as a short film, karaoke show, performance, object theater, theater audio walk, ballroom and installation. Everything is included with TDJW-ALL-IN. Only thing missing: YOU!

Premiere: September 24, 2021