Digital: [ALL IN] Alt mal kurz! (Old for a moment!) 4 plus

Puppenspielerin Clara Fritsche rechts im Bild. Ihr gegenüber links im Bild eine Glasscheibe, die sie gerade bemalt.
Puppenspielerin Clara Fritsche hinter kaum bemalter Glasscheibe mit Blick nach oben links

Digital, interactive play with paintings | By and with Clara Fritsche | Conceptual collaboration: Levin Eichert

Short info: Growing older ... how does that actually work? The little second is at a loss. She is only very short herself. Fortunately, she has you - experts of all ages - to get to the bottom of the question.

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Director: Clara Fritsche
Co-Regie: Levin Eichert
Ausstattung: Timo Dentler
Ausstattung: Okarina Peter
Dramaturgy: Florian Heller

Cast of play

Clara Fritsche

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Your current privacy settings prevent this video from being displayed ( Youtube).



Is getting older really grey? What color has my age when I’m 4 years old? Is my life a line or a circle? Do memories show themselves in strong and sharp colors or do they fade? What are children capable of, what grown-ups already forget about? What things do only grand-parents know? And how does growing-old actually work?
The little second has lots and lots of questions and she can’t answer one of them. Since she is only short, very short! And continuing, the minute is coming along to have a quick look if the little second has properly passed by.
Thankfully, there are specialists of all ages, grand-parents and children from near and far, who can help the little second to approach the topic of growing-old in a playful and experimental way. And maybe then she can last for a while…

Premiere: 18th of September, 2021 | Digital via Zoom
Performance duration: ca. 45 minutes | no break

PLEASE NOTICE: In the course of the play there will be shown smaller, filigree pictures und paintings, that are hardly visible on a smartphone screen. Please use a tablet or laptop to join the performance.


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