Ensemble & Mitarbeiter


Sven Reese

Born an grown up in Stendal (GDR), right after school moved to Hamburg to study acting at the Hochschule fĂĽr Musik und Theater. Than after two years in Magdeburg (Freie Kammerspiel) and Halle, lived for four years in Paderborn, where he met his better half and married her instantaneously. Learned early in his live, that hesitation seldom pays. Likewise inhibitions (though never overcoming them). So he subsequently was in seventh heaven, when he got the offer to play for children and youngsters in Leipzig in 2006. This was the right place to develop and discover all it means to be a real actor.
On the sideline he is a regular attendant of social cultural projects in the Leipzig off-off scene and member of raum4 e.V., a group of artists from theatre, television and literature, that creates longterm theatre projects far off the urban centers (like "Landschaf(f)ttheater") and brings together people from most different backrounds to revive rather untheatrical places.