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Sara Angius

Sara Angius is a contemporary dancer and choreographer based in Braunschweig, where she was employed as a dancer in the ensemble of the Staatstheater. Born in Sassari, Italy, at the age of 18, she began her professional training in Milan, at the »Accademia Dance Haus« directed by Susanna Beltrami and at the same time she studied at the University of Milan in Sciences of Communication in the performing arts, obtaining a three-year degree.
Through the experience of study and work in the field of dance and choreography, Sara embarked on a journey that led her to train, create and perform nationally and internationally, collaborating with stable theatres and independent artists through Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, China , Brazil, Denmark, Poland and Spain, etc ..., interpreting the choreographies of different international choreographers such as Roy Assaf, Xie Xin, Jan Pusch, Katrin Hall, Ismael Ivo, Kenji Takagi and others.
Sara's activity as a choreographer brought her to develop her own works as a freelance artist as well as commissioned works for stable theaters or professional schools. In January 2020 she created the choreography »Sportomania«, a site specific production of Staatstheater Braunschweig/Junges Theater.
Her second own full-length piece »WALLPAPER«, which arose from various artist residencies in Germany and Italy, was premiered in January 2019 at the LOT-Theater Braunschweig and is currently touring in Europe.
In autumn 2018 Sara was a guest choreographer at the DAF – Dance Arts Faculty in Rome, where she created the piece »Charming Monster«.

Her upcomning work »The Woman Who Had Two Navels«, a coproduction with LOT-Theater Braunschweig and Eisfabrik Hannover is an interdisciplinary work that combines contemporary dance, puppetry and illusion and will premiere in October 2020.

Since 2013 she successfully participated and got awarded at some of the most prestigious International Contemporary Dance Festivals and Competitions, such as:
-2016: 1st Prize 15th International Choreographic Competition Burgos- New York, With The Duet »The Fish Bowl«(Spain)
-2015: Finalist at the Hannover International Choreography Competition (Germany) with the Duet »The Fish Bowl« Finalist and at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (Denmark), with »The Fish Bowl«
-2013: Stuttgart Internationales Solo Tanz Festival 3rd prize in dance and choreography with the solo »Star-watchers«