THEATRX – The city-theater-future-experiment

For everyone from 10 up to 99+ years old as well as ensembles and employees of the theater

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A theater needs a city. A city needs a theater.

Why? And what theater do YOU wish for?

At THEATRX you create your own theater world, you look behind the scenes of the Theatre of the Young world, you visit performances, you dance, you play-act – and while doing all this we ask ourselves: What could the theater of the future be like?

»X« – A performance by TheatrX

»X« is for our wishes, visions and dreams. A sleeping theater. A dreaming theater. »X« is an invitation for you to dive into the cosmos of TheatrX with us for a little moment. An invitation to stroll along the trails of the question, what the theater of the future could look like. Explore with us, what we’ve found out already!

»TheatrX – The city-theater-future-experiment« stated in January 2021. Part of the experiment are people, who have never had something to do with theater before as well as people, who are connected to the theater for a long time or even work at the theater.

Until now we were acting, we encountered, we became manifest, we were performing, looking behind the scenes, exchanging experiences and swapping ideas. It is normal, that everything is in motion, changing and enhancing.

And always in our minds is the question: What could the theater of the future look like?



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