Your theater - Your voice

Do you know this feeling: everybody is talking but nobody is really listening to you? Adults are telling you what to do, what’s good for you, what has to be important for you – but nobody is asking for YOUR opinion? We want to give your thoughts and feelings a voice! Namely, not a quiet and small voice, no! Your voice should be huge and striking. You should have the possibility to shout it from the rooftop into the city! But how?

Do you know the banner at the balcony of the TdJW? Whoever circles the playhouse – which is easily possible while sitting in the tram – can hardly overlook it. The great, oblong banner at the theater’s balcony with a sentence written on it.

This banner will be the place for your words or pictures!

Are you up for participating? That’s a piece of cake:



  1. Write down or paint, what you want to share with the world.
  2. Please provide your first name and your age. Both will be printed onto the banner.
  3. If you don’t know the banner yet, you can find two examples in the pictures on the right. You can also check out our profiles on Facebook and Instagram, since we post pictures of the banner from time to time.
  4. Please use our template, which you can download here: Link to the download.
  5. Please note: Your sentence can contain a maximum of 70 characters (including spaces), otherwise it won’t fit onto the banner.
  6. The TdJW is a place of diversity and is open to anyone. Mutual respect is important to us. Thus, we reject offending and excluding proposals or terms of abuse.
  7. Please note: Children under 18 are allowed to participate. Nevertheless, it is always allowed to ask people over 18 for help or advice.
  8. Send us your sentence or painting by the 5th of every month at: Theater der Jungen Welt | Lindenauer Markt 21 | 04177 Leipzig oder via mail at

We will choose a sentence/picture every three weeks by chance. If yours has been chosen, we will inform you! We will give the sentences and pictures, that haven’t been chosen, a digital stage. Let yourself be surprised!

We’re looking forward to your message!

Your theatre of the young world Leipzig