The Young World Theatre belongs to the most renowned youth theatres in Germany, with 688 performances and audiences exceeding 55,000 in the 2011/2012 season.

It was founded in 1946 as the first professional children and youth theatre. In the intervening years the YWT has developed into one of the most celebrated city theatres for all generations, renowned throughout Germany.

Jürgen Zielinski, since 2002 the artistic director and successful business manager, says of his artistic goals “the Theatre for young people should always be an oasis as well as having an aspect of hope and should not represent a moral institution. In any case, children and young people can be entrusted with everything which constitutes social reality. One can more easily set low goals for young people than overtax them.”

But there are no limits for young people in YWT. The theatre programme, with plays for children and youth (from 2–15 yrs), the weekend family programme, the student clubs, the evening programme (from 16 yrs), or the third multiple generation project shows that YWT is a home for all generations where each can find enjoyment in the high quality productions.

More than 30 pieces in our repertoire (plays and puppet theatre, but also musical or dance productions) are performed in fixed performance areas – the Grand Hall with 240 places, the First Floor with 55 places as well as the Small Stage with a maximum of 66 places. In addition we have the mobile theatre bus for up to 30 people. There are regular performances in kindergardens and schools. The performing cast consists of 10 actors and 3 puppeteers. There have been 105 new productions since 2002 of which 47 were original and first-time productions (including 2010/2011 season).

The YWT has taken part in 42 festivals and theatre days since 2002. 2010 saw the third presentation of the Workshop Days, an international working meeting of children’s and youth theatre lasting from 28 Sept to 1 Oct. In addition YWT has become internationally recognised through its membership of the European theatre network “Magic Net” and is also a member of ASSITEJ (International association of children and youth theatre).

There have been international guest performances of the YWT in e.g. Talinn Estonia, Molde Norway, Zandaam Netherlands, Krakow Poland, York England, Vienna Austria and Zurich Switzerland.

In October 2010 the YWT was invited by the Goethe Institute in Tel Aviv Israel to perform “Children of the Holocaust” in Herzliya Israel. At the renowned Kijimuna festival in Okinawa in July 2011, one of the biggest congresses in Asia, they gave a performance of “Fish and sweet mash”, a piece for the youngest of viewers from 2 years upwards.

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